Helping cancer patients to cope with extreme fatigue through interactive digital medicine

All over the world millions of (former) cancer patients suffer from extreme fatigue. Fatigue is the most common problem that cancer patients experience: estimates vary from 40% to 90% and it affects millions of people all over the world. The TiredofCancer app helps cancer patients to follow a therapy program on their own to get a better grip on their fatigue.

Project background

TiredofCancer is a group of psychologists and researchers in the field of oncology, specialized in Cancer Related Fatigue (CRF). Through a scientifically proven, personalized digital treatment program (based on daily reading, writing and listening exercises) cancer patients can get a better grip on their 
fatigue and improve their quality of life.
TiredofCancer asked C°F to redesign their mindfulness based therapy program app. The main focus was on improving visual identity and usability of the app, allowing users to follow the program without additional stress.



Empowered users to follow the therapy program on their own without the need of in-person sessions with a therapist.

Target Audience

Former cancer patients suffering from cancer related fatigue.


A Mobile App


One of the biggest challenges in the process has been to encourage patients in program participation without pushing them beyond their limits or creating additional frustration.

We held multiple stakeholder workshops with cancer and therapy experts to check our ideas and propositions to find the right balance.

Stakeholder workshops