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The challenge

Dubai has historically pioneered exceptional quality of life and an unparalleled business environment. Embracing technological innovation, HRH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s recently launched Smart Cities and Open Data initiatives to make Dubai one of the ‘smartest’ cities in the world. To support the vision of ‘Smart Dubai’, the Dubai Land Department launched the app ‘Mashrooi’, a knowledge platform that provides investors, developers and residents with accurate, trustworthy information on the progress of real-estate projects in Dubai.

CLEVER°FRANKE was asked to reimagine and redefine the Mashrooi app, to make it the most advanced, powerful tool for obtaining information about real-estate projects in Dubai.

Value delivered

We rebuilt the app, and together with Pixonal, rebranded Mashrooi with an updated design that included new features and functionality to benefit developers and investors. This resulted in a new way to track real estate projects in real-time, using emerging technology and immersive data visualizations.

To kick off our exploration into a platform, we began by testing the original version of the Mashrooi app to get an understanding of the data, parameters, functionality and potential it had to offer. We collated our findings into an expert review, identifying the most important areas that could be improved and opportunities for further development that would benefit the target audience.

To ensure we achieve the best and most coherent user experience, we analyzed a number of real-estate applications and platforms to determine what was already available in the sector. Taking the findings from our exploration and expert review, we explored different methods to visualize and experience our vision of the future of real estate in Dubai.

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We met with the client in an iterative process of workshops to determine the best method to proactively inform the target audience with the best content. Together with the client, we defined a set of four values that we envisioned to be at the heart of the app: Trustworthy, Smart, Innovative, and Transparent.

The first and foremost of these values is ‘Trustworthy’. As a reliable source, the DLD inspires confidence in investors and is transparent by providing objective information and reports to ensure they can invest with certainty. As a platform, Mashrooi is ‘Innovative’, taking advantage of available technology, and ‘Smart’ through its use of data to inform users of trends and alert them to relevant developments.

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The platform includes a number of different elements that are connected to the Dubai Land Department database. The data is made accessible via an API on several devices.

With the landmarks and natural elements found in and around Dubai as a departure point, we incorporated signature aspects into the design, as well as the structural lattice of the buildings and topography of the landscape, which can be seen throughout the platform.

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Inspired by its status as the jewel of the Emirates, we selected emerald green as the primary color for the palette. Accent colors reference the deep green of the Dubai Marina with the lighter tone of the desert sand as a contrast to the richer, dominant shades.

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The application provides valuable information for investors and developers alike about real estate in Dubai through captivating visualizations and upcoming trends.

The Trend pages provide up-to-date information about Dubai’s commitments, new technologies, innovation and upcoming events.

The Explore prototype allows developers to monitor their projects through live video streaming services.

Through Profile, users have direct access to everything they need to know about the projects they follow.

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Users can access onsite webcams for a real-time visual inspection of the construction site, as well as request a drone fly-by for live footage updates. Investors and developers can thus keep track of their projects from anywhere across the globe.

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Augmented Reality opened a number of innovative possibilities to enhance the user experience. Smart devices can recognize specially designed cards to render 3D models of specific projects which users can interact with, view project information, the various stages of construction and get an impression of the completed building.

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The A.R. functionality can be expanded upon, implementing the platform into interactive windows in vehicles. Ongoing and upcoming projects can be visualized and rendered into the current cityscape offering passengers a peek into the ever-changing future skyline of the city.

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The following video presents some of the functions offered by the Mashrooi platform to developers and investors to track real estate projects.

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The Mashrooi app was launched at the Cityscape Dubai expo, during which His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai previewed the app.

Mashrooi is a unique platform that combines state-of-the-art technology with robust data providing users with a much clearer picture of what stage a project is at, even if the investor is on the other side of the world. This removes a great deal of uncertainty and builds a very strong bond of trust and transparency between investors and developers.

H.E. Majida Ali Rashid

Assistant Director General, Dubai Land Department

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