To help people unravel the world’s complexity, we constantly challenge ourselves to be more equipped with innovative and efficient solutions. Therefore, we conduct research in multiple ways.

We investigate our process, experiences and methodologies. We delve into undiscovered fields to improve our skills, exercise our creativity, and explore new techniques.

At C°F, experiments are one of the most important ways to challenge ourselves, learn and grow in a data-driven world. By experimenting, we test hypotheses, work with new concepts, and discover different ways to solve data-driven problems.

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We share our insights on data design thinking, data visualization, technology developments, and the potential of data via our articles on Medium.

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The Weather Chart is a self-initiated project that demonstrates the power and use of data in an easily understood format. Every edition reproduces weather data in a new and unique overview, visualizing particular aspects of meteorological activity.

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At Sensor Lab, we conduct exploratory research into rising topics. We do this to broaden our view on the increasingly data-driven world using design research methods.

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Together with citylab RAUM, we curated an event for citizens about data. We devised a concept of a circus show, which created a deeper understanding of the role that data plays in everyday life while letting people define how data could improve city living.

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