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The challenge

Our cities are becoming increasingly congested. Managing traffic flow to improve the efficiency and livability of our cities is of increasing importance for municipalities, transportation, and logistics agencies. BlueCyber accurately captures live traffic data through a connected grid of sensors, and provides road network intelligence and analyses to leading logistics agencies worldwide.

CLEVER°FRANKE was asked to research, define, and design the core user experience of the product’s interface, and by doing so, create a distinct identity positioning BlueCyber as a unique player in the logistics industry.

Value delivered

Enabling logistics agencies, traffic engineers, traffic controllers, and city planners to interact with big data and create live analyses. The new dashboard, and its novel features such as ‘live maps’, have given BlueCyber a differentiating advantage within the industry.

Building the whole brand from scratch allowed us to take a holistic design approach to identity, digital interface, and physical product design.
With a ‘carte blanche’ from the client, our team could develop a big-picture strategy and develop it down to the last detail.

We started with interviews with traffic engineers, traffic controllers, and city planners, which gave us a better understanding of their day-to-day activities, needs, pain points, and opportunities for future improvements.

Afterward, we analyzed the existing BlueCyber product suite and the competitor offers, and we detected many points to improve upon and opportunities to design an exceptional, holistic experience.

The building blocks of the identity are inspired by the rectangular shape of the BlueCyber sensor box, and the attached antenna. Likewise, the chosen brand font reflects the identity through its characteristic corners. Being founded on Bluetooth technology, blue was the logical choice for the brand color, not to mention a very distinct one in the traffic analytics sector.


The brackets hold endless possibilities to extend the visual identity on multiple applications and purposes.

The characteristic bright blue is applied all the way up to the sensor casing. In every interaction with the ecosystem, either installing the inside of the sensor box or editing the traffic flow on the map.

We defined the features that were of the utmost importance to its users. Based on our research these were: a map-driven, real-time experience, a high-powered, historical analysis function, and an easy-to-use setup for swift access. This focus produced a unique product with distinct elements, differentiating it from its competitors, allowing it to outpace them.

The interface provides the user with the most important status information in an interactive tool that provides real-time, contextual, relevant insights. Key elements like sensors, roads, and segments proactively provide their status through color, animation, and alerts. Relevant overview metrics and statistics provide the user with a constantly updated overview of what is happening.

Intuitive navigation through both map elements and data panels allows the user to always drill down to find more information. From the live map, the user can easily drill down to the detail page for a road segment or route. These pages allow the user to compare segments and historical data with detailed graphs and metrics.

Interface screencast

While we spent a lot of time making the interface look and function as simple as possible, there’s real complexity behind the scenes. Based on real-time data from the sensors, the product pushes insights to traffic managers. This allows them to monitor the flow of traffic and act as issues arise, keeping people moving through their cities. The true superpower of the platform is its ability to model and plan future scenarios. They can experiment with road closures, new routing, or alternative prioritizations. Once a better model has been found, the traffic signals can be changed and re-routed to immediately adapt the flow of traffic. Bluecyber combines retrospective monitoring and analysis with predictive modeling and foresight, turning it into a real powertool for urban mobility.

With the new dashboard and its novel features such as ‘live maps’, BlueCyber has been given the competitive differentiator for the industry. Traffic controllers around the world are empowered in a way that has not been seen before.

Mike Johnson / Product Manager BlueCyber

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