Enabling audiences at live events to brainstorm, share ideas and respond to presentations in real-time.

Project background

Talkviz, part of our own product portfolio, is a unique platform to stimulate ongoing conversations and sharing of ideas during large conferences and events. The system consists of a large network visualisation, displayed on multiple screens across event spaces, and a mobile application that allows visitors to read and share ideas on event topics in real-time.

By enabling a continuous creative brainstorm process, where attendees can jump in at any moment, we stimulate open innovation during events and feedback the vibrancy and creative energy to the participants.



Stimulating collaborative thought during live events in an secure environment

Target audience

Event visitors


Real-time network visualisation and mobile contribution website


Higher visitor engagement during and after events


TalkViz involves a collaboration website and a visualization. With the collaboration website (optimized for mobile and tablet use) visitors can add ideas to the live visual conversation. With the data visualization, people are given a total overview of the conversation, which can be used during the session to start live panel discussions.

Talkviz enables an event to have:

  • A continuous creative brainstorm process
  • A way of communicating the vibrancy and creative energy that exists during event
  • Independent (no account needed) and easy to use platform, allowing attendees to jump in at any moment
  • A dedicated platform for a specific event, which means more event focused content

Feature video

Mobile and tablet design

Talk Visualization


Talkviz has a customizable design; the fonts, colors, logos and background can be changed.

Project Awards