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The challenge

In 2018, Philips Lighting announced its intention to change its company name to Signify, while retaining the Philips Lighting brand for its products and services. This meant that with the launch of the new brand, the identity and the story of Philips had to remain visible—Signify had to be established as a fresh, but large player, with multiple brands.

CLEVER°FRANKE was asked to guide the Philips Lighting Digital Experience team in crafting a creative strategy and design for the new company website, and also to define how the new brand story could blend into existing brands and audiences.

Value delivered

Launching Signify’s new online brand strategy by highlighting the importance of data in the new strategy of smart lighting.

Through a series of workshops with C-suite executives and key stakeholders across the organization, we defined a unified set of goals, target audiences and the desired brand positioning for the website.

Signify’s new website needed to serve as an ecosystem where a number of brands and their offerings can be integrated.

At the same time, we had to show that Signify is still the same company as Philips Lighting that leverages the expertise and story of Philips. We aimed to reflect the company strategy and vision and provide essential information in a modern look and feel.

Together we decided on the following vision statement: is a platform for future growth and development of the house of brands, whilst building on its 125 year history of excellence and innovation.

To ensure maximum distinction, we benchmarked our positioning against other organizations with a similar endorsed brand architecture. The framework helped us notice new and exciting possibilities.

The process was very hands-on: we immediately created polished prototypes to show stakeholders our vision, but also delivered the design rationale so the entire team could implement the design across the website.

We designed a modular homepage to make the new website modern, but also to allow easy content control depending on the ongoing campaigns and goals of the organization.

To create a seamless connection between the Signify brands, we created contextual links, directing people to the brand that is right for them, and at the same time greatly improving Signify's SEO.

We gave the new Signify brand its own voice by developing a ‘stories’ section that highlights the new innovations of the company across its different lighting brands.


By delivering an interactive prototype, we helped the Signify team have effective discussions and gather internal buy-in.

We also created a detailed design rationale so that the Signify team could focus on the strategy. The rationale helped them to:

  • create logical and efficient customer journeys;
  • make it simple, uncluttered and clear;
  • make the brands the centre of attention;
  • make it easy to integrate future updates;
  • translate and apply the new brand identity to a digital environment.

The design strikes a balance between showing a strong innovative new brand, while at the same time taking the back-seat to the different brands it contains and the stories of the people it impacts.

Wouter van Dijk / Design Director at CLEVER°FRANKE

CLEVER°FRANKE managed to translate the new (unfinished) branding into a digital strategy and design under very difficult circumstances. They did an incredible job.

Michel Claassens / Vice President Digital Marketing & eCommerce

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