Creating a new all-in-one NFT analytics and forensics web platform


The challenge

Like crypto markets, the NFT market is highly speculative, with few reliable tools to assess the value and risk of investing in digital assets. With the increasing interest in this market and high trading volume, users need accessible and extensive market data and analysis in order to make better trading decisions. As one of the experts in this market, bitsCrunch responds to this need. They want to provide extensive insights into the NFT market as a way to support investors in their decision-making. bitsCrunch approached CLEVER°FRANKE to create a solution that would help them communicate this ambition distinctively.

Value delivered

Presenting extensive and detailed market data and analysis in an engaging and user-friendly way while helping position bitsCrunch as a guardian of the NFT ecosystem.

Case screencast

bitsCrunch possesses expertise in the NFT market with a plethora of data on collections, individual assets, as well as insights into potential wash-trading that might impact NFT prices. Up until the launch of the platform, this data wasn't shared in an inviting way with traders.

Together with key stakeholders we dove into the Bitscrunch data, and analysed the competition. Once ideas on what the data could present and how it can be presented were solidified, we validated our ideas through user research and built the platform.

Kickstarting the collaboration

The project and collaboration started with a kick-off workshop with the bitsCrunch team, during which we defined target audiences, set concept requirements, and discussed expectations, priorities, and strategy.

Competitor analysis

Building on the input from the kick-off workshop, we extensively analyzed over 20 NFT platforms to get an impression of common design patterns, functionality, and to identify opportunities for us to create a competitive edge for the bitsCrunch product.

UX Research

After a first round of concept designs, we did small scale UX research to collect first impressions and input for improvements.
The feedback we received allowed us to validate design decisions and improve the concept further.


We created a set of prototypes for the central visualization. Using these we could explore and tune how the visualization would respond to different combinations of values and how this might affect the readability and understanding of the data.

Based on our research, we defined our initial design direction: different, yet familiar. We aimed for UnleashNFTs to be clearly different from other platforms in the market, to make it memorable and highlight bitsCrunch capabilities.

At the same time, we wanted to build on expectations that our audience has for finance and NFT platforms, to gain trust and familiarity.

Unleash NFTs brings worlds together: the colorful and expressive world of NFTs, and the precise and analytical world of data. For that we focused on two ways of using the platform: exploratory and analytical.

The platform provides the freedom to read the data in multiple ways: a quick (and interactive) glance at the performance of different collections in the explore mode and an in-depth view on the overall market throughout time in the market report pages.

One of the unique products of bitsCrunch is detailed data on potential wash-trading across the NFT market. So, we made this a key feature, on the homepage, as well as for all the charts and reports.

To dig deeper, all the displayed data can be focused on specific blockchains, as well as exclude wash trades to analyze its impact on the market.

To display the NFTs in the most engaging and attractive way possible, we designed pages that would fit seamlessly with their designs and reflect their unique character.

This was done by incorporating the NFT colors in the page design and adjusting the layout to the NFT format.

To present the bitsCrunch analysis of assets, we use labels for collections, NFTs and wallets. This helps the user to quickly asses which assets are trustworthy.

The mobile design contains all the content and functionality of the desktop version, in a small and easy-to-navigate package.

We delivered an extensive design system with all the components needed to build the platform.

With this collection, the platform can
be easily expanded with new sections, pages and functionality.

Except for the homepage, each section of the site follows the same structure, while also being distinct. For users, this simplifies navigating the site. For bitsCrunch, this provides the basis for growth as more data and analysis become available. New topics or sections can easily be added in the future.

We structured the charts to make them easily configurable by developing dummy versions of each chart component and then created “instances” out of charts with the appropriate data so that it is quick and easy for the bitsCrunch team to compose new pages with the same components.

In order to leverage the colors of the NFTs to style the interface in a unique way, we created a prototype that allowed us to explore different ways of extracting and matching colors from NFT images.

To efficiently retrieve data, we designed a modular API that can fetch the data each component needs using the OpenAPI Specification format.

To verify correct API behavior, we also implemented continuous verification of the specification and automated testing of the API implementation.

We closely collaborated with the bitsCrunch team to make the transition as smooth as possible.

We supported the bitsCrunch team by preparing them for dealing with future changes in the interface. Onboarding the bitsCrunch front-end team to the code base and logic behind it played a key part in this process.

bitsCrunch's goal is now realized in the bitsCrunch platform that will make a major step towards a transparent and empowered NFT ecosystem. The platform makes it possible for traders to view insights in a user-friendly manner.

We're proud to support bitsCrunch by designing and developing a comprehensive platform that not only cements bitsCrunch as an expert in the field, but also supports traders in making better decisions.

We had high expectations for CLEVER°FRANKE and they delivered high-quality work on time and surpassed our expectations. They have excellent work ethics and are a professional team. They are the best-in-class data visualization company in Europe.

Gopi Kannappan, Chief Product Officer, bitsCrunch

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