As a world-leading data design and technology consultancy we transform financial data into accessible, open, and relatable experiences that speak to different end-users. Our goal is to create financial services that leverage both practical and exhaustive insights.

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Globalance Bank approached CLEVER°FRANKE to create a solution that could help them with increasing transparency on investments. We turned abstract global data into a tangible and relatable experience while creating the most accessible and comprehensive investment platform to shape a sustainable future. Our solution positions Globalance Bank as the leader of positive change in the investment banking industry.

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CLEVER°FRANKE was approached by WSJ Custom Studios and PIMCO and asked to visualize the effect the Fed has had on economic markets by controlling rates. We created the microsite ‘Setting the Pace’ to illustrate the importance of data in gaining an in-depth understanding of the financial market, and establish PIMCO as a reliable thought leader in the industry.

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CLEVER°FRANKE is a world-leading data design and technology consultancy. With our highly collaborative data design thinking workflow, we partner with clients like Google, Warner Music Group, and UNICEF to create disruptive products and unique solutions. We enable end-users to use data-driven experiences daily to have an impact and drive change.

From our strategically located studios in the United States and The Netherlands, we work with great clients worldwide. Our clients embrace the changing world, recognizing data potential to discover business opportunities and trigger innovation.

Every project and partnership is unique and requires an original, personalized solution. However, the common denominator in all our projects is data and complexity. Therefore, we have developed a proprietary, highly collaborative process and toolkit for our data design thinking approach. We work with our clients from the shaping of the project (i.e. data/product visions and strategies), all the way to designing and developing products and systems that empower people.

This process and toolkit guarantee a transparent yet flexible approach that delivers valuable results such as:

  • increasing conversion and revenue;
  • reducing costs and increasing productivity;
  • facilitating meaningful moments between your brand and your audience;
  • increasing knowledge and fostering inspiration.

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If you’d like to learn more about how we can add value to your business, contact Thomas Clever.
+31 6 19 55 29 81

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