Each year, Red Dot selects an agency that has impressed the jury with their outstanding design quality to receive this highly prestigious award. This year, CLEVER°FRANKE is being honored in recognition of our strong innovative spirit, long-term strategic thinking, and our commitment to exceptional communication in design over the last several years. The highest title awarded by Red Dot, Agency of the Year is a significant achievement that affirms our standing as one of the leading figures in the world data-driven design.

As a team that continues to push boundaries and unravel the world’s complexity, we are incredibly proud to receive this recognition.

The Red Dot Gala was held at the Konzerthaus in Berlin on November 4 to celebrate winners in Brand and Communication Design, while the highlight of the evening came at the end when the Agency of the Year was announced. Our entire team was in attendance as we received the Stylus trophy on stage.

CLEVER°FRANKE is an agency that was considered a pioneer in data visualization when it was founded in 2008, and has since developed into an internationally sought-after specialist in the translation of complex data sets.

Professor Dr. Peter Zec

Founder and CEO of Red Dot

This is a great recognition for the entire team, serving not just as a symbol of our achievements over the recent years, but also as a motivation to keep pushing boundaries and explore new avenues in design. Thank you to our team, our clients, and everyone who has worked with us to make our projects and vision come to life.

Thomas Clever & Gert Franke


Photo of Thomas Clever

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