Founded by Thomas Clever and Gert Franke in 2008, CLEVER°FRANKE has grown to be an internationally recognized design agency. We combine strong analytical skills and strategic thinking with a holistic design and technological approach.

We live and breathe design and technology and work with multi-skilled individuals that encompass a rich skill set, creating a flexible and dynamic working environment.

For each new challenge we form a unique combination of analytical and conceptual approaches from within our agency and our partner network. This results in intelligent and innovative products and services that embrace an increasingly complex and connected world.


Being a part of the CLEVER°FRANKE team means working on the cutting edge of design and technology. Pushing those boundaries, and ourselves, forward is in our DNA. So is working for a global clientele like Google, Philips, Here and Wired Magazine. Our learning never stops and there is always a next level to get to. If you are up for that challenge, we’d like to get to know you.

Currently we're recruiting for our Utrecht office these positions:

If the positions above don’t quite “fit” feel free to send us an open application.

Team members

Thomas Clever

Co-founder & Director – As creative and strategic director, Thomas is involved in all of our projects. He is our representative for all our clients, wherever they are located.

Gert Franke

Co-founder & Director – He juggles countless things at the same time and is responsible for our PR, team development and creative and strategic direction.

Wouter van Dijk

Lead UX Designer – Wouter ensures a smooth flow and the best user experience as well as being a beacon for our clients.

Roel de Jonge

Lead Visual Designer – Roel observes, questions, gets inspired, thinks and sketches to create the best visual designs solutions for every client.

Jan Hoogeveen

Lead Front End Developer – Jan will take on any front-end challenge that is put in front of him and guides that process. And those challenges are plentiful when it comes to a real C°F design.

Wilco Tomassen

Lead Back End / Application Developer – Our wizard with numbers, creating clean data, software engineer. Wilco relishes the most complicated of challenges and makes it look easy.

Dennis Ketel

Operations Director – Dennis ensures our whole operations is running smoothy, making sure everything is in control and everyone can focus on their task at hand.

Pietro Lodi

Designer – Give Pietro a lot of data and details and he is a happy man. He will make sure it is transformed into an immaculate design.

Joe Chrisman

UI/UX Designer – Joe loves to work on user research, testing, initial concepts, and interface design.

Bas van der Burgh

Designer – Full of inspiration and a great bird’s eye view, Bas is key to creative concept development.

Joost Mommers

Designer – Motion graphics as an addition to visual design and development. Joost will make things move.

Mark Haasjes

Front End Developer – Mark makes designs come alive and tests our code with his front-end skills.

Alide Lafeber

Executive Assistant & Office Manager – Making sure we can all do our jobs to the best of our abilities, Alide not only assists Thomas and Gert, she is our office angel.

Nick Rutten

Front End Developer – Passionate about web-technologies and front-end development, Nick feels right at home within our development team.

Agathe Lenclen

Front End Developer – Agathe makes sure every visualizations is brought to life in your browser.

Joery Bruijntjes

PR & Project Manager – Responsible for managing technically challenging projects and our community outreach.

Lude Franke

Data Scientist – Thanks to his long experience in the scientific research, Lude advises us on the best way to handle data from a critical perspective.

Luuk Marschalk

Design Intern – Luuk helps C°F develop new technologies using sensors, databases and visualizing technics. He thinks about all this in such a way that data becomes useful.

Teun Kusters

Design Intern – Teun helps C°F explore what is possible with sensor technology, databases and visualizing data. He knows how to present the new ideas and make a plan to let C°F move forward.